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March Winners

The anticipation is over. The March results are in. A special thanks to Analisa Chase for taking the time to judge the entries.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the April contest and to those who won!  I was amazed and inspired by your “thrifted” clothing combinations. I have to up my game to compete with y’all (chuckles) because everything I saw was awesome!!!  I feel as though I was able to take away a piece of who you are, which is pretty down right cool. Thank you for that opportunity. My motto ‘Style is personality and personality is style’ is so true, in that, you really are what you wear and show off to the world.  Your appearance defines, inspires, and motivates you. It is YOU.  What you wear inspires and motivates others to look better—especially when they see it being done so effortlessly.  So thank you for sharing!

There are plenty of different reasons that people shop at thrift-stores, boutiques, consignments, flea markets, etc., I suspect that for many, it feels nice to buy something we like while saving a couple of bucks. It also allows us to let our inner artist shine through our creative composition of apparel.

I’m very pleased that I was asked to be a guest judge on Thrift Store Runway for the month of April.  I reviewed each and every one of the entries and took massive notes on each, narrowing it down to five. The criteria I used to streamline the decision were:

  • Creativity (Uniqueness/randomness)
  • Trend Factor (Is it seasonally modern)
  • Thrityness ($$$ price of item(s) purchased)

Thank you once again for showing us all how to thrift in style!

Phoebe – Spring Essentials March Winners

Spring Essentials

Totally Spring 2014!!! This great outfit is easy for anyone to sport!  The Chambray denim shirt dress is effortless, easy to wear, and flatters all body types for spring. Throw it on, and you’re out the door in seconds.  The cute fedora adds the boyish touch, which is always cute and charming. A comfortable sandal never let any gal down either.  For a chic vibe, add the aviators—that’s a never fail!


Sir Byron Laurent In Living Color March Winners

In Living Color

WOW!!! Great men’s style is in this outfit.  It’s fresh, cool, has lots of texture, just the right amount of pattern, and is a layered look.  Love, love, love this.  The classic vest and jacket is a key piece in any man’s wardrobe.  You can dress this up or down or wear individual pieces by themselves or altogether.  This is a great transition outfit from winter to spring too.  Can’t believe the prices on these items, awesome!


Troy How to Rock the Kimono March Winners

How to Rock a Kimono

This outfit boasts a brilliant color and item combination that commands attention!  I adore how bright the pieces are, the differing textures, and the utilization of layers. The Kimono is fantastic and truly makes a statement.  Just like the one above, this also makes for a great transition outfit.  I, for one, am giving’ it two thumbs up!  It’s a fierce grouping that isn’t for the neutral at heart.


Fashion for Less March Winners

Fashion for Less:

Casual, chic and sexy!  Man says, “Where did my jeans go?” Woman says, “I have no idea…wink!”  We rock them better anyway.  This is a great combo for a casual Friday at the office or a fun and simple night out with the gals.  It’s easy, flirty, and edgy; it gives a killer vibe to any party.  For the tomboy in us girls, this is the perfect choice to go with.  A pop of color in the blazer or accessories will make this outfit more of a stand out gem.  The subtle pink blazer and light colored denim are perfect for springtime festivities.


Suited for Business March Winners

Suited For Business

Hello classy lady!  She’s looking good in this fabulous suit.  It’s polished, clean, simple yet sophisticated and demands respect.  This is the “I’m in charge” look for the working woman.  Having a suit is a wardrobe essential, a must have and Bebe hit the nail on the head in this Navy ensemble.  Paired with a cute striped button down and sassy bright colored scarf, the combo is strikingly feminine with a pinch of masculinity.  This can be worn in any season and at any event or occasion.  Whatever suits your fancy!

The St. Patrick’s Day Winner Is . . . . .

Mint Condition March Winners

Mint Condition

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February Winners!

The anticipation is over. The February results are in.  A special thanks to Keren Charles for taking the time to judge the entries.

Dress and Denim February Winners!

Dress + Denim

Wearing a dress over pants is not an easy trend to pull off, but thanks to great layering this winner did so effortlessly and with sophistication. The bold print of the dress, styled with a white button down and statement necklace, paired with denim, makes this look an easy transition from day to evening.


Thrifty Fashionista February Winners!

Thrifty Fashionista

I am a huge fan of sequins so this look immediately caught my attention. I love how this winner styled her sequin skirt with a printed blouse. She clearly knows the art of mixing prints and textures.


Winter Leather February Winners!

Winter Leather

Leather pieces can be a bit intimidating to wear because they are often associated as being a wardrobe staple for members of a rock band or a biker crew. This winner certainly makes that stereotype a thing of the past.  She shows us how black leather pants can be paired with animal print pumps and a duster to look very luxurious and feminine. Plus that vintage Audrey Hepburn t-shirt is a welcome touch of nostalgia!


Gold Glamour February Winners!

Gold Glamour

There is something about a bustier that screams sultry and seductive but this winner pairs it with a mini skirt and it exudes elegance and style. I love how she kept the accessories very minimal, so it does not compete with this attention-grabbing look.


Vintage Valentine February Winners!

Vintage Valentine

I love that this winner wore her classic Leslie Fay dress in its original form. The elegant silhouette of the dress and her choice of accessories make her the focal point of this look. Instead of the compliment being, “That’s a pretty dress,” the compliment would be “You look beautiful in that dress.”

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January Winners!

The anticipation is over. The January results are in.  A special thanks to Christina Seigler, also known as Phillydiva for taking the time to judge the entries.


Troy January Winners!

What Happens to Too Short Dresses

Nothing screams more fashion forward than someone who can create something from a fabulous find into an even more fabulous one of kind. Turning a mini dress into a skirt is such a clever way to add a unique piece to your wardrobe.


Shelby January Winners!

Get the Look

Magazines can be very influential and inspirational when it comes to fashion. What’s important is to use that inspiration and make it your own and that is exactly what was done here with the use of mixing a plaid print with an animal print shoe and pairing with a classic full skirt…Perfection!


Fly January Winners!


Prints on prints are such huge trend this season and to see it done so effortlessly is very refreshing. Polka dots on polka dots can be so fun to wear when done right and finding an outfit for less than $10 bucks is a huge score.


Cristi January Winners!

Freezing and Fashionable!

Looking stylish during the cold months is not an easy task. However by pairing a denim or chambray shirt with a full midi skirt and riding boots is a great way to stay on trend and still remain warm. By adding an amazing thrifted cape and leather gloves gives the look that extra fabulous touch.


Sir Byron January Winners!

Gentleman on the Move

A true gentlemen is not afraid to hang a suit is his closet. A great way of not looking so conventional is by pairing separates together such as a Ralph Lauren piece to add some good old classic Americana style to your wardrobe.

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December Winners!

I was honestly overjoyed to see that more than fifty of you “thriftinistas” submitted your looks for December’s contest! Each of you shines a light no this world. In your smiles, eyes, and laugher I could see that thrifting isn’t just your way of dressing; it’s your way of living! And that is why we thrift: Not just because it saves us money to afford us great style, but because the act of conscious consumption makes us feel good. And to feel good is to live our life to its fullest. 

With that said, I painstakingly sliced and diced the more than fifty entrants to five winners. I chose them based on styling proficiency, thrift savviness (i.e. how much of their outfit was “thrifted” vs. new), and modernity of outfit (i.e. trend factor). Congratulations, and thank you for inspiring us all with your trendy thrifted style!


December 2013 Winner 1 December Winners!
Tapestry Blazer & Print Romper

Purple and gold is a sharp color combo—it’s like dressing in spiritual royalty, as purple is both a secular color and shade once worn by kings and queens of fashion’s past. With a total outfit cost of less than $15 and an A+ demonstration of how to mix prints the right way, Shelby’s look was by far a leading contender in this month’s Thrift Store Runway contest!


December 2013 Winner 2 December Winners!

Black Like A Pearl

Black is chic and Tayler knows it. She knows it so well that she thrifted her entire outfit sans the scarf. But this isn’t just another black outfit. The vintage fedora and thrifted booties are creative touches to a look we stigmatize as “easy.” Far from “easy,” this entry is a prime example of thrift excellence. Tayler shows us why you can dress to impress for under $50, and looks like a million bucks.


December 2013 Winner 3 December Winners!

Black and White Pattern Play

Black, white and mixed prints madness gone right! This contest awarded me the opportunity to digitally meet Phoebe of The Dress Divine and to be wowed by her trendy taste in secondhand style. Here, she dresses like an off-runway interpretation of last spring’s Marc Jacobs’ collection, combining ’60s flare with graphic prints and the modernity of fitted leather and a casual beanie.


December 2013 Winner 4 December Winners!

For the Love of Waistcoats Pt. 1

Designer divine! Akil crushed his competition with choice labels down his back and on his feet. He reminds us that you can get a top quality and look with thoughtful shopping and confident styling. Akil’s look jumped to the top for his price point! Who can beat spending only $25 to look this polished?


December 2013 Winner 5 December Winners!

Winter Chic

Brandhyze effortlessly combines high-low style for a look that designers need to see for future fashion forecasts. She thrifted a bona fide Gucci clutch for less than a pack of gum and showed us DIY at its best with her own one-of-a-kind skirt that she fashioned with her own hands by adding feathers. Combined with grey tights, this outfit made for a refreshingly playful look of funky glamour and fun.


~ Sammy


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November Winners!

This month’s contest was filled with some great entrants. Narrowing down my decision to only five winners was very difficult. However, after some deliberation I was able to choose my five winners. My biggest deciding factors was the overall fit, the details, and the pieces that were actually purchased from a thrift store.

December Winner 4 November Winners!

Power Princess Suit by Cindy

Power Princess Suit by Cindy – I am a huge fan of tailored clothing so this outfit immediately caught my attention. The fit is perfect and the simplicity of it all made it even more elegant.


December Winner 3 November Winners!

I See Red by Erica

I See Red by Erica – I have always loved monochromatic outfits. It just goes to show that you don’t always need that infamous “pop of color”. I particularly liked the fit of those pants, especially since they are a pair of men’s trousers. The earrings and brooch were also the ideal finishing touches.


December Winner 5 November Winners!

Thrifted Chic by Melodie

Thrifted Chic by Melodie – These pants are the ultimate statement piece with the perfect fit, and by keeping everything else relatively simple really allowed the pants to stand out.


December Winner 1 November Winners!

Trench Coat x Fall by Holly

Trench Coat x Fall by Holly – Everything in this outfit embodies what I consider to be wardrobe essentials. Especially the double breasted trench coat and slim fit cords. This is a classic look that will never fail.


December Winner 2 November Winners!

Vintage Chic by Lakesha

Vintage Chic by Lakesha – The dress, the denim jacket, and the gold accessories. I loved everything about this outfit. Denim and paisley never looked so good together.


Akil McLeod, M.S.

Founder/Creative Director


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October Winners

The results are in! Courtesy of our October Judge, Emma Grady. Emma is a personal stylist and award-winning fashion writer working in New York City. She publishes Past Fashion Future - “Classic Style, Timeless Fashion”, an internationally-acclaimed and highly syndicated style website that triumphs vintage fashion and timeless trends.

Here are the winners of the October 2013 cycle of Thrift Store Runway:

October 2 October Winners

The accessories accentuate the outfit without taking away attention from the main attraction: an eye-catching statement dress. The wearer clearly enjoys the art of dressing up and looks polished and put together, too. 


October 4 October Winners

Two words: refined and elegant. The silhouette is perfection: a pop of color on top paired with a figure-flattering, high-waist skirt. A neutral handbag is a good choice and leopard print heels add a modern twist.


October 3 October Winners

The pocket square, the tie clip, the watch, oh my! It’s all about the details as shown by this neat and complete ensemble. Clothing fit and care, including tailoring, is important when shopping secondhand. This wearer clearly has an eye for quality and knows how to curate a winning wardrobe.  


October 5 October Winners

I love a pop of bright color! The vibrant dress is a great find and it’s worn well: the polished hairstyle and black tights help balance and pull together the overall look. 


October 1 October Winners

A bold, patterned suit is not easy to wear but thanks to great styling, this winner pulls it off. The black turtleneck balances the vibrant pattern, the chunky heels bring the dated suit to present day, and the bold necklace provides a much needed focal point. Bravo!

Big congratulations to all of the winners!

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Viewer’s Choice Award Winners

Viewers Choice Viewers Choice Award Winners

The results are in. The Viewer’s Choice Award winners are:

Thanks you to all who voted,  and CONGRATS to all the winners!

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Lady in Blue

DSCN2010 Fotor 768x1024 Lady in Blue

Thrifted Items Include:
Cardigan- $2.99 minus %50 off (Salvation Army)
Shirt- Free (Gifted from my mother-in-law’s closet)
Skirt- $3.99 (Salvation Army)
Purse- $4.99 (Sunrise Thrift Store)

Submitted by Lateshia


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“Fall”ing for grey: the new neutral for fall

 Falling for grey: the new neutral for fall

I recently wrote about my love for grey and how versatile it is. It goes with everything! Why not make a statement with a grey sequin tank and grey and black striped sweater?

Express sequin tank, Thrift Town, $5.99
Rachel Roy cardigan, Thrift Town, $9.99 minus 30% off!
Faux leather leggings, Thrift Town, $1.99 minus 30% off!
Aldo ankle boots, Thrift Town, $6.99

Submitted by Phoebe

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Blues clues

image152 765x1024 Blues clues

Nordstrom Navy suit..goodwill 11dollars
Polo bow tie 1.39 goodwill
Classic Eton shirt 3.39 goodwill
To boot New York shoes 3.79 goodwill

Instagram: enigmatic45

Submitted by Andre


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