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December Winners!

I was honestly overjoyed to see that more than fifty of you “thriftinistas” submitted your looks for December’s contest! Each of you shines a light no this world. In your smiles, eyes, and laugher I could see that thrifting isn’t just your way of dressing; it’s your way of living! And that is why we thrift: Not just because it saves us money to afford us great style, but because the act of conscious consumption makes us feel good. And to feel good is to live our life to its fullest. 

With that said, I painstakingly sliced and diced the more than fifty entrants to five winners. I chose them based on styling proficiency, thrift savviness (i.e. how much of their outfit was “thrifted” vs. new), and modernity of outfit (i.e. trend factor). Congratulations, and thank you for inspiring us all with your trendy thrifted style!


Tapestry Blazer & Print Romper
Tapestry Blazer & Print Romper

Purple and gold is a sharp color combo—it’s like dressing in spiritual royalty, as purple is both a secular color and shade once worn by kings and queens of fashion’s past. With a total outfit cost of less than $15 and an A+ demonstration of how to mix prints the right way, Shelby’s look was by far a leading contender in this month’s Thrift Store Runway contest!


Black Like A Pearl

Black Like A Pearl

Black is chic and Tayler knows it. She knows it so well that she thrifted her entire outfit sans the scarf. But this isn’t just another black outfit. The vintage fedora and thrifted booties are creative touches to a look we stigmatize as “easy.” Far from “easy,” this entry is a prime example of thrift excellence. Tayler shows us why you can dress to impress for under $50, and looks like a million bucks.


Black and White Pattern Play

Black and White Pattern Play

Black, white and mixed prints madness gone right! This contest awarded me the opportunity to digitally meet Phoebe of The Dress Divine and to be wowed by her trendy taste in secondhand style. Here, she dresses like an off-runway interpretation of last spring’s Marc Jacobs’ collection, combining ’60s flare with graphic prints and the modernity of fitted leather and a casual beanie.


For the Love of Waistcoats Pt. 1

For the Love of Waistcoats Pt. 1

Designer divine! Akil crushed his competition with choice labels down his back and on his feet. He reminds us that you can get a top quality and look with thoughtful shopping and confident styling. Akil’s look jumped to the top for his price point! Who can beat spending only $25 to look this polished?


Winter Chic

Winter Chic

Brandhyze effortlessly combines high-low style for a look that designers need to see for future fashion forecasts. She thrifted a bona fide Gucci clutch for less than a pack of gum and showed us DIY at its best with her own one-of-a-kind skirt that she fashioned with her own hands by adding feathers. Combined with grey tights, this outfit made for a refreshingly playful look of funky glamour and fun.


~ Sammy


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3 Responses to December Winners!

  1. Shonda January 13, 2014 at 11:04 am #

    I ♥ their looks! Congrats to each of the winners!! 😉

  2. Tayler January 13, 2014 at 4:51 pm #

    Thank you so much, Sammy!

    To whomever conducts these posts: Can I (we) get our blogs linked to the winning description? I would love that!

    Thank you!


    • TSR Editor January 14, 2014 at 8:59 am #

      This pictures in this post link to the original entry so that people can see the entire outfit and the details of the thrifted items. The original posts link to the entries’ blogs.

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