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May Judge(s)

Electrogent Judges

Fun news this month: we have a tag team judging duo on deck to make the picks this month. Please join me in welcoming the team behind Electrogent:

Electrogent is the soon-to-be husband and wife team of Andrew and Maria. The tandem writes articles for their male interest, grooming, and lifestyle website. Andrew is also the grooming correspondent for men’s style website, Dappered, where he regularly gives introductory grooming articles for guys on a budget. Maria, through her love of giving unsolicited advice, often gives guys girl advice through her article series, “The Better Half.”

Andrew and Maria reside in Texas, where they are antiquing enthusiasts with a passion for items that are both fun and creepy at the same time. Their home looks like Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne just had a dinner party, and they like it that way.

Andrew holds a (tied) world record for fastest time to start and stop a stopwatch, and Maria saw Chuck Close at an art gallery once, but was too scared to say hi.

If you feel like getting in touch, you can follow Andrew on Twitter, follow Maria on Twitter, or simply head over to their Facebook page.

Welcome aboard Andrew and Maria! We can’t wait to see your selections!


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