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September Winners

It’s time once again to announce the winners for last month’s contest cycle! This was a fun month for us because it was our first one judged by TSR contestants. Both Pat and Isaiah have been multi-time winners of the contest and we were thrilled that they agreed to lend us their judgement for the month. We gave them each 3 picks for this month, meaning that there would be six winners rather than five. Let’s see who they picked!

Your September Judges

Pat’s Picks

“I love that a vintage button-up designer blouse was made totally modern by teaming it with shorts and heels. The purple color pops the whole outfit and the gold clutch cements the deal.  Just a-Dior-able….”

“Animal prints and color are personal fav’s. I also love DVF vintage wrap dresses, and this one is an outstanding example of how classic does not have to mean boring.  Finishing this iconic look with gold Michael Kors heels makes it runway worthy.  It was indeed a good thrifty shopping day!”

“Wow, if I came back as a thrifty man this would be in my closet. All of the rich details in the fabric and construction scream hand-made.  The colorful modern cufflinks (Editor’s note: click through the image to see the cufflinks–they are fantastic) add individuality and an adventurous spirit to Matthews clothing sensibility.”


Isaiah’s Picks

“I love both the print of the dress, and how she paired them with the blue shoes and clutch. She put together a beautiful outfit without spending a lot of money.

“She’s the Thrift Store Runway queen! (Editor’s note: this is her fifth win!) I love the print of the pants and the red suit jacket. She put this outfit together very nicely.”

“I love this look, it showcases confidence and class.”

Thanks to everyone who entered last month! And a special thanks to Pat and Isaiah for helping us out with the judging duties! If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out Isaiah’s awesome style blog, A Collected Gentleman, and Pat’s Facebook page, where she has nearly 100 public albums dedicated to her many thrift store conquests!

We are still waiting to hear from some of our winners. If you see your picture here and you haven’t yet heard from us, check your email (or your Tumblr inbox) and get in touch so we can award your prizes.

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