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Sister Thrifters


I’m not sure if this is allowed, but I wanted to give it a shot. Both my sister and I LOVE to thrift and try to promote it when our friends ask about our outfits. It’s a love/hate relationship shopping with her because we are approximately the same size and have about the same tastes. We don’t live together anymore so we can’t readily share clothes.

We planned to go thrifting when I came home for Easter break and walked out of our rooms in matching outfits: lace tops and colored shorts. Freakyy!

Outfit (left):
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (3.99)
Maroon top: Goodwill North Carolina (3.29)
Belt: Forever 21 (2.99)
Blue shorts: Forever 21 (4.99)
John Romain purse: Thrift store North Carolina (4.99)
Urban Outfitters flats: Treasure Hunt Mississippi (2.00)

Cost: $22.25

Outfit (right):
Sunglasses: Goodwill Mississippi (0.99)
Lace top: America’s Thrift Store Mississippi (2.19)
Belt: Goodwill Mississippi (0.99)
Coral shorts: Save from friend’s donation pile (free!)
Purse: Bargain Barn Goodwill Mississippi (0.99)
Wedges: Dirt Cheap Mississippi (9.00)

Cost: $14.19

Total cost: $36.41

Submitted by Tran

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