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ROTC Granddaughter


I would love it if this jacket and top of my mother’s fit me, but I tried them on and could hardly move my arms enough to take a picture! A funny story about this jacket and top (pictured here with my dog, who would have a better chance of wearing this comfortably than I would!) is that they went with a skirt…a skirt that one night, when she wasn’t home and I needed something to wear to a punk dance, I cut off to make mini and wore to the high school dance. Later, she asked me where I found the skirt. “In your closet”, I replied with little care, as many teenagers would. “I thought so, ” she said, adding, “It’s the one I got married in.” OOPS!
She wasn’t angry, but I was bummed I had wrecked her elopement outfit.

BUT what DOES fit is my Grandfather’s Reserve Officer Training Core (ROTC) coat from his years at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. It’s wool and warm and I love the decorations, not to mention that it makes me think of him whenever I wear it. This would be from circa 1929. I’m trying to get my hands on a photo of him wearing it, but the next best thing is to show it in black and white! So here it is! The color photo shows a thrift store red and blue scarf completing the look.

Thank you for having this contest. Looking through these old items brought back family memories I treasure. I came across my wedding dress, made by my mom, in the same closet, along with a dress she made for my grandma (which is hideous!!! There is no way, even if it fit, that I would wear THAT vintage item! If you ever have an “Ugly Vintage Contest”, I can win that hands down!!!))

Submitted by Kira

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  1. Bud: February 18, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    Looks like my old out fit. How ever, it looks much better on you. Love from California

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